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The natural weeding
The ground-covering plants are the gardener's best friends. Easy to look after and to plant, discover their advantages...

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Planting Periods
Earlier a plant is planted in the season the quicker its roots will develop and therefore its growth will be better in the first year...

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Newsletter of November 26th, 2021
Focus on edible leaves and berries
For the pleasure of your eyes or taste buds, discover our selection of plants with edible leaves and berries.

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Newsletter of November 19th, 2021
Focus on the climbing plants: evergreen, flowering and surprising!
Climbing plants can be used anywhere: trained on a wall, to decorate a pergola, to hide a wire fence, to create a plant separation on trellises, and so much more!

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Planfor finished first at the Landes Marathon!
Planfor.co.uk - 13/10/2017

The Marathon of Mont de Marsan has chosen Planfor to offer a small maritime Pine to the whole of the entrants! Runners in this area, as we all know, love to train in the middle of the woods. This little souvenir is therefore original and full of meaning!

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Planfor Quality Policy

Even the smallest of plant contributes to the storing of carbon and the filtering of water.
A fully grown tree can filter more than 200 litres of water per day; it improves soils' quality thanks to its roots and the organic matters it produces which will break down on the surface. It also prevents that same soil from deteriorating and shelters, tens, even hundreds of animals' species and different insects.
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